WildSeed Society

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[R]Evolutionary Spiritual Community

Guided By Ritual

The WildSeed Society seeks to build community at the intersections of the emerging spiritual, scientific and social [R]evolutions of our time. It hopes to be a refuge of love and rigor with an eye towards subverting the world order. It is a multi-tradition church in the wild where fellow travellers come to enact new relationships and rituals. These provide belonging through practicing true human fellowship and faithful witnessing across differences; economic solidarity through mutual aid and the communal stewardship of resources; spiritual growth through shared ritual and study where science and mysticism meet; and social transformation for them and their people through collective action that builds/blocks/be’s.

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Harvests From The Emerging Ecology


The Only Way Out Is Through, Together

As the world burns we do not need to concern ourselves with putting out the fires. We should not cower under the calcified structures of exploitation that surround us just because they are the only shelter in sight. While the roof of the master’s house is on fire, we have to let it burn. We might live there too, but we cannot forget that we don’t own it. It was never ours. 

So allow yourself to grieve. Be angry. Acknowledge your fears. Let this movement change you, let it stop you from working but don’t let it stop you from caring. If it overwhelms you, let it. Rest without forcing your heart to close. Don’t leave anything to be processed by those will come after. Process them now so that we can focus on what comes next from a place of wholeness and groundedness. 

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A Reflection: WildSeed 2020 Part 1

One of our Dream Gardeners Aaron Goggans reflects on his journey with WildSeed through out the tumultuous 2020. This is great place to learn about what the WildSeed Society has been up to and one perspective on where it might go.


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