A 21st century Underground Railroad is emerging

With the world burning down, we have the opportunity to build a new world in its ashes.

That's why we're working to leave capitalist relationships and cultivate a community diligently moving towards collective liberation.

But we need to do it together - if we're going to be able to do it at all.

Will you join us?

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What Is The WildSeed Society?

We are a Black-led, BIPOC-focused social, spiritual, and economic community dedicated to building portals to a future where we all got free. 

We recognize that the U.S. and its partners are grappling with a central contradiction: their material overdevelopment contrasts with their spiritual, emotional, and cultural underdevelopment.

Centuries of focusing on exploitative economic  development have enhanced the nation's ability to produce goods while neglecting our capacity to collectively decide what to produce, how to produce it sustainably, and how to equitably distribute its benefits.

This contradiction manifests in three concurrent crises:

1. A Spiritual Crisis
of Belonging


2. A Social Crisis of
Unacknowledged History


3. An Economic Crisis of
Social Reproduction


With the world as we know it burning down due to these crises, we're building a series of refuges to help us leave it - offering:

1. Spiritual Liberation


2. Social Transformation


3. Economic Revolution


Together, we can grieve what we have lost to the fires - while seeing the opportunity in the burning down of the world that we were never meant to survive in the first place.

Together, we can build a new world that can hold many worlds - where we all can truly belong.

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Spiritual Liberation
Online Community Offerings

Here are the different online spaces we're offering to those new to WildSeed - in service of your journey of healing and collective liberation.

The WildSeed Virtual Village is our membership community hosted on patreon. We offer daily spiritual practice spaces, weekly live events and mutual aid. 



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This monthly virtual conversation is for people interested in how WildSeed is experimenting with facing the world burning - together and in a more liberating way.



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This biweekly virtual community healing space is for Black folx who want to address racial stress - so they can move toward embodying the liberation that exists within us.

Currently On Hold Until 2025

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This bi-weekly online circle is for BIPOC wanting to practice caring for themselves and bearing witness to others - in service of our healing and liberation.


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This 10-week online course is for people who want to do the inner work necessary to heal from internalized whiteness so as to be able to co-create with others - from a consensual and humanizing place.

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