our vision

We believe that on some level the WildSeed Society has always existed in the collective imagination of people who knew they were not fully free, long before Octavia Butler wrote her brilliant and life changing novel series, Patternist, about a small group of weirdly gifted individuals whose descendants would build a powerful interconnected network.

The WildSeed Society strives to be a platform for BEING that is capable of holding multiple worlds simultaneously - where everyone can get their needs met with dignity and joy.

This means we are a set of structures, rituals, relationships and events that allow people to interact and collaborate using many ways of getting their needs met through a praxis of co-creation.

We are guided by our vision of a new kingdom of heaven as a metaphor for the collective liberation and emancipation of all sentient beings:

  • We believe in a world in which everyone is free to be open-hearted, vulnerable and true to self. That way we can be supported in networks of love where care and nurturance are given unconditionally without concern what genre of human that histories of oppression have previously labeled us. 

  • We believe in a world based on the gift economy and the voluntary association of people who are free to migrate, free to disobey orders and free to create new social relationships. It means that we believe that no one should have to “earn a living” working for someone else’s profit in order to not starve or be seen as a worthwhile member of society.

  • We believe in a world where everyone is supported to transcend the illusion of separateness and learns to commune with the unity-of-all-that-is.  This means a world in which we understand ourselves as an individualization of a collective experience and embrace our potential as faithful stewards of all life in all of its beautiful manifestations. 

In other words, we seek to thrive at the intersection of movements for Social Transformation, Economic Revolution and Spiritual Liberation.

Thus the WildSeed Society is a community from the future which we believe is right on time. It has emerged to function in the world we want, even if that means–as Martin Luther King, Jr. prophesied it might – being creatively maladjusted to the world that is. 

The Wildseed Society is an infinite game whose objective is to keep its members joyfully alive, deeply cared for and secure as the world is on fire, while they build portals to a future where we all get free.

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