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A bi-weekly online drop-in space for BIPOC who want to practice caring for themselves and bearing witness to others - in service of our healing and liberation.

By Donation

A 5-month online course for BIPOC who want to heal from internalized oppression & create a caring community around them - for these burning times.

Radical Sliding Scale

A 10-week online course for white allies who want to do the inner work necessary for them to co-create with others - from a consensual and humanizing place.

Radical Sliding Scale

Here's Spiritual and Emotional Support To Navigate These Burning Times

In the US and many other places, we are experiencing a normalized and ongoing spiritual crisis of belonging - or rather not belonging. 

Our society is structured to exploit the many for the material benefit of the few - with colonization, capitalism, white supremacy, and patriarchy being violently and subtly enforced by the government.

To sustain this, we have been unconsciously conditioned to believe that the few are justified in having a highly disproportionate percentage of the power and resources in our society. And that to succeed in life means we have to push ourselves to join them.

This makes many in positions of less privilege and power feel like there's something inherently wrong with them, that it's their fault that they're struggling, and that they have to prove themselves worthy of being treated like a human being.

This also leaves a few in positions of more privilege and power with growing social consciousness feeling like something is deeply wrong underneath the facade of them being well off - especially as they learn more about the complete history of how they came into those higher positions in society. 

That's why WildSeed offers the following online spaces to help you re-ground in your body and listen for your inner truth.

So you can transform this disruptive process of waking up into an opportunity to bring your life into alignment with your values and highest self.