Resourcing WildSeed

We have a dope vision for how we start building portals to future where we all got free.

We are going to need your support to resource that vision of a Liberating Retreat.

Liberating Retreat

We are living in a time of fragmentation and dissolution.

The three crises that stem from the contradiction of the U.S. material overdevelopment and spiritual-cultural underdevelopment are now so pronounced that they are destroying our collective capacity to respond to them.

Movement ecologies across the nation are experiencing unprecedented levels of unprocessed pyrrhic grief after a series of costly victories against reactionary forces in the past few years.

Our response to these crises have to be as comprehensive as the challenges they present. The Liberating Retreat is an attempt to prototype a series of comprehensive responses at the intersection of Spiritual Liberation, Social Transformation and Economic Revolution.

It is also guided by our vision of building a new kingdom of heaven as a metaphor for collective liberation.

It is a response based on the understanding that we do not need to save a system that has never served us nor do we need to merely survive its collapse. Rather we can retreat together in ways that nurture collective thriving by building refuges for each other. As always, we think of our strategy in terms of the BUILD/BLOCK/BE framework.

Going From Where We Are To Where We Want To Be 


Thus we ground and center ourselves on how we want to BE. We offer collecting healing, grounding and training programs that seek to help fellow travelers on the road to liberation be grounded in their deepest values and highest aspirations. We call these programs Radical Refuge because they seek to offer people a community of refuge away from the coercive and oppressive world we live in.

So many critical movement stewards are experiencing what we call Unprocessed Pyrrhic Grief. This is when the intangible losses we have suffered fighting against rising facism, alienation and climate change seem to outweigh all our progress so that our bodies and worldviews get twisted by emotions we haven’t been able to process.

Thus we feel called to expand our Radical Refuge program to include Relax and Play Retreats. This will be in person retreats led by our spirit weavers Sandra Kim and Erika Totten.

Thus, once people are grounded, they are invited to come on retreat to us. At our retreats they can be immersed in the WildSeed Way–the praxis that forms the basis of the world we are BUILDing.

The hope is to host a series of retreats that invites fellow travelers to experience the WildSeed Way for a few days while funding our longer term dreams of building an ecovillage. Our dream is that our ecovillage could host our House of Radical Refuge that would serve as a more permanent, values-aligned and comprehensive platform from which to build portals to the future where we all got free.

We also know that our spaces for BUILDding and BEing need to be protected. Thus we are excited to announce that we will be launching a new series of programs for fellow travelers who are already engaged in value aligned BLOCKing actions. We will call this space Effortless Action a translation of the Daoist principle of Wu Wei. It seeks to support those working on BLOCKing actions with unorthodox strategy aligned with spiritual, social and economic values of the WildSeed Way.


We recognize that none of this work is possible or sustainable without community. So, after months of rest, discernment and iterative planning we are recognizing the call for our team to step into deeper more intentional community stewardship.

Thus we plan to host a series of open formation conversations. These conversations invite fellow travelers who are interested in being in community with us to faithfully witness, lovingly question and compassionately challenge us as we work toward alignment around key questions.

We hope to dive into who we are, what we believe, how we put these beliefs into practice so that we can decide with our emerging community how to structure this Liberating Retreat. We believe that all vocational work exists at the intersection of what makes our spirit sing, what we are uniquely good at, what our community needs and what our community has the capacity to sustain.

We are excited to open our process to our potential community, to hear what makes our spirit sing and we are uniquely positioned to do. At the end of each session, we hope to have time for questions to better understand what our potential community needs and has the capacity to support.

How You Can Help Resource This Work


To resource this work, we both receive donations and offer online courses as part of our Spiritual Liberation work.

All proceeds go toward the communal pot reserved for income sharing amongst the WildSeed team.

Please check out the offerings below and begin learning a radically different - and more human - way of being in the world.

For BIPOC who want to heal from internalized oppression & cultivate a caring community around them - for these burning times

For white allies who want to do the inner work necessary for them to co-create with others - from a consensual and humanizing place

For people who want to support this work on a monthly or one-time basis and aren't currently in a place to take a course

All courses are offered on a radical sliding scale. 
So no one will be turned away for lack of funds!


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