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Thank you for considering supporting our work. Every dollar you can offer is a precious gift. As we try to exit out of capitalist relationships, we know how we give and receive money needs healing and transformation. That's why we support movement work and create spiritual community offerings - without trying to charge the highest price or do what's most "marketable."

However, we still live in a capitalist society. So we still need money to pay our bills and allow us to do this work for our collective liberation. That's why we are inspired by the practice of dana - translated from Sanskrit and Pali as generosity - as practiced in Buddhism.

Dana is grounded in the spiritual belief that we are interconnected and not separate from each other. So our ability to flourish is interdependent with yours - as our liberation is bound up with yours. From this deep understanding, we invite you to be in a cycle of mutual care.

We offer our work freely from the heart - to support your healing and liberation. We invite you to give from your heart what is generous for you and your financial circumstances. So we can continue to grow the community we all need to get free - together.

Thank you again for being with us on this journey towards collective liberation, 

The WildSeed Team


¬†p.s we offer two ways to donate either through the PayPal link below or the form we have below.¬†If you would to donate in another way, please reach out to [email protected].

**we are a 501c3 tax exempt organization**


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