Updates From The Summer!

Oct 07, 2022

So, its been a minute since we shared an update!

Hopefully you have been following us on social media. Still, we realized that we hadn't posted an update on our website in a couple months. So we decided to make this video as a way to quickly update folks on everything that is happening. As you can tell, its a bit of struggle with Chany on sabbatical! The background of the video did not show up and we haven't figured out how to make close captions work. So please have some grace for us as we enter a winter season of rest!


TL:DW version: Reece is doing better! Sandra and Chany are on sabbatical. We received $70K from the M4BL and (thanks to Erika's brilliance) we believe that we might have some options for more funding from foundations (which we wanted to avoid being reliant on but couldn't find a way out of). The upside is we have less financial pressure going into 2023, though we still need a bit more money to get us to 2023. We have updates our public budget here. As you can see we have some exciting an ambitious plans for 2023 that we are excited to be sharing with you soon. In the meantime check out the work we have been doing planning and prototyping Revolutionary Aftercare.

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