Spiritual Talk on Cultivating a Care and Consent Culture (Part 2)

Mar 22, 2022
This spiritual talk is for people wanting to create a refuge for ourselves in a time of global crises by creating a care and consent culture

About this event

Please note that this is Part 2 of the Spiritual Talk given on January 25th on the same topic since many people couldn't get into the live Zoom call and there's so much more we can talk about!

WHO: This online event is for people who want to hear about how WildSeed is thinking about how to create a refuge for ourselves in a time of global crises of care by offering refuge to others.

WHAT: This Spiritual Talk will focus on what skillful and consensual care looks like, particular in relationships across racial, culture and gender differences where people have experienced trauma in relationships and in communities. It sits at the intersection of trauma stewardship, ideas of spiritual fellowship and feminist ideas around consent.

Aaron Goggans and Sandra Kim will explore:

  • How WildSeed moves beyond concept allyship towards a praxis of fellowship, repair and reconciliation.
  • How WildSeed has struggled, failed and succeeded to care for ourselves and our communities through health-crises and racial uprisings.
  • How Sandra and Aaron have learned to provide consensual and skillful care to each other across differences in cultural and histories of interpersonal trauma.

Please note that this will be recorded and made available to those who register later.

WHY: We are currently experiencing a global moment in which millions of people are literally dying from lack of care. The care economy on which the mainstream economy relies on is in shambles.

As our emotional capacity bottoms out, conflict arises simply because we no longer have access to the strategies of care and rest we are used to.

In this context, conflict can be exacerbated by cultural differences and trauma reactions to what is considered care and how care is expected to be offered. Yet skillful, consensual care that is communally provided is more crucial to our collective survival than ever before.

Please join us in this critical discussion—for ourselves and for our movements.


Sandra Kim is the Spirit Weaver at the WildSeed Society—where she helps people learn how to take refuge in themselves, each other, and the land so they can turn towards the frightening realities we live in and not lose connection to the joyous realities we also live in. Sandra identifies as a mystic for the (r)evolution with her spirituality being grounded in Zen Buddhism in the Plum Village tradition and animism. She is also the Founder of Everyday Feminism and Re-Becoming Human, and creator and facilitator for different online anti-oppression spaces offering spiritual and emotional support.

Aaron Goggans is the Dream Gardener at the WildSeed Society— where he builds movement infrastructure before people know they need it and helps them achieve things even he never imagined were possible. Aaron is a co-creator of the DC chapter of Black Lives Matter, the Liberation Logic training, and a handful of other projects that have made liberatory marks on the world.


The WildSeed Society is a political, spiritual and economic community that is inviting people to build a 21st century Underground Railroad together. We are building a series of refuges from the current exploitative world to new worlds where we all get to belong and be cared for—by focusing on Spiritual Liberation, Social Transformation and Economic Revolution. We seek to experiment and prototype our way into a new way of life—in community and in right relationship with the land.

The WildSeed Society is stewarded by a collective of movement veterans, spiritual teachers, and organizational development nerds. Many of the instigators of the collective were involved in the Black Lives Matter movement before starting WildSeed. It is inspired by the vision of futurist Octavia Butler of gifted misfits finding community together before transforming the world.

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