Spiritual Talk: Black To Future

Feb 26, 2024

How WildSeed is drawing inspiration from Black movement history in designing new infrastructure for freedom.


This online event is for people who want to hear from Reece and Aaron about the prototypes WildSeed is envisioning to resolve the crises of Belonging, Social Reproduction and Unacknowledged History that we are all facing.


This Spiritual Talk will focus on the prototypes WildSeed is developing to offer off-ramps from our modern political economy towards a more liberatory social system. They will also discuss how Black movement history has inspired these prototypes.

Reece Chenault and Aaron Goggans will explore:

  • Revolutionary Aftercare which seeks to help people working to build a better world heal, get stable and re-ground in their values and purpose
  • Collective Commons which a project that seeks to build out spaces of autonomous anti-capitalist production, distribution and exchange of goods
  • WildSeed Mutual Benefit Society a project that seeks to allow for both large scale mutual aid and build an autonomous economic space that could support a ladder of engagement moving people towards working to build a better world as a full time vocation
  • The Votary a project that seeks to build a cohort of people aligned with their own sense of intrinsic purpose who believe that WildSeed’s infrastructural interventions provide vehicles for them to be community supported while meeting real community needs aligned with that purpose


This is part of a new series where the WildSeed Society will be exploring different structures that could be built in the here and now that could be vehicles to a world where everyone can get their needs met with dignity.

Please join us in this critical discussion - for ourselves and for our movements.


Reece Chenualt has put in his dues as visible leader, first a union organizer and then as the executive director of US Labor Against the War and now mostly works behind the scenes. Part ferryman getting people where they need to be and part Griot sharing the wisdom that arises from what we do when we arrive, Reece plays an invaluable support role to many movement spaces. Recently Reece has been working with Justice Before Peace to build a BI-POC led working class anti-imperalist movement grounded in ritual.

Aaron Goggans is the Dream Gardener at the WildSeed Society - where he builds movement infrastructure before people know they need it and helps them achieve things even he never imagined were possible. Aaron is writer, facilitator and organizer working within the Black Radical Tradition to support the Labor, anti-war and Black Liberation movements for almost 20 years.


The WildSeed Society is a political, spiritual and economic community that is inviting people to build a 21st century Underground Railroad together. We are building a series of refuges from the current exploitative world to new worlds where we all get to belong and be cared for - by focusing on Spiritual Liberation, Social Transformation and Economic Revolution. We seek to experiment and prototype our way into a new way of life - in community and in right relationship with the land. The WildSeed Society is stewarded by a collective of movement veterans, spiritual teachers, and organizational development nerds. Many of the instigators of the collective were involved in the Black Lives Matter movement before starting WildSeed. It is inspired by the vision of futurist Octavia Butler of gifted misfits finding community together before transforming the world.

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