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nourishment sangha

WHO: This is for Buddhist practitioners of high income and/or wealth who are interested in learning how to be in deeper relationship and in a cycle of mutual care with the WildSeed Society.

WHAT: WildSeed's Nourishment Sangha's aspiration is to support Buddhist practitioners of high income and/or wealth in discerning their roles and contributions to movement and liberation work - in light of this time of global crisis that will continue growing.

WildSeed will support sangha members in looking deeply at their relationship to their own wealth and working with the attachments getting in the way of them embracing the roles and contributions they feel called to.

Sandra Kim (see bio below) will be the primary sangha facilitator at the sangha's monthly gatherings - with the support of others at WildSeed. It will be held in a style typical of the Plum Village tradition.

WHEN: TBD based on when everyone is available.

WHY: The Nourishment Sangha is based on WildSeed's belief that if we all gives what we can, we all can have what we need.

However, systemic oppression has unconsciously conditioned us to feel financially insecure and never feel like you have enough, including for the wealthy. With the practices of mindfulness and dharma sharing, sangha members will be supported in identifying their attachments to wealth that are causing conscious and unconscious suffering in their own lives.

We also recognize that there are many people of high income and/or wealth who wish to meaningfully contribute to movement and liberation work - but don't know how. Given how separated people of different classes and races are kept, they usually don't have connections to the marginalized communities who are most impacted or relationships to the frontline groups working in them.

That's why the Nourishment Sangha is designed to bring its sangha members into deeper relationship and a cycle of mutual care with WildSeed's core members. Sangha members will learn more about what is needed to really change the world - while seeing first hand the fruits of their generosity.

HOW TO JOIN: Please make an offering of dana below. You will then receive an email on how to get join the first gathering of the sangha.

Opportunities for Practicing Dana

Sangha members are invited to be in a cycle of mutual care with WildSeed by giving a minimum of $200 per month.

This act of generosity is intended to both support WildSeed's work and to help sangha members stretch by creating "mud" to practice with - since "no mud, no lotus."


$200 per month

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$300 per month

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$400 per month

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If you would like to give more than $400 per month, please email Sandra at [email protected]

Meet the Primary Sangha Facilitator

Sandra Kim is the Spirit Weaver at the WildSeed Society - where she helps people learn how to take refuge in themselves, each other, and the land. So they can turn towards the frightening realities we live in and not lose connection to the joyous realities we also live in. Sandra identifies as a mystic for the (r)evolution, grounded in Zen Buddhism and animism. She has organized her life around her spiritual commitment - cultivating a monastic lifestyle while deeply witnessing and addressing the pain and suffering in the world, particularly in marginalized communities.

Sandra has been practicing Zen Buddhism for almost 20 years and is in the process of becoming an aspirant for the Order of Interbeing in the Plum Village tradition. She brings Buddhism and spirituality into her anti-oppression trainings and healing spaces and brings social justice analysis into Buddhist retreats and sanghas, such as at Earth Holder Community's This Is It online retreat. She is also the Founder of Everyday Feminism and Re-Becoming Human where she created accessible ways for people to learn how to address everyday oppression from a compassionate and grounded place.