Our Emergent Spiritual Community

Very recently we had the honor of sitting in community and discussing what we all need from our shared spiritual spaces in these burning times. It was beautiful and real, and an incredible amount of deep sharing and visioning came through. Below are some of the Graphic Notes of the discussion done by Radical Roadmaps.


Shared Spiritual Practices

We view spirituality as an awareness of deep our interconnection, our inter-being, with all that is.

Collective Investigation of the Truth

We believe in the crucial importance of both relative and absolute truth. Our wisdom traditions give us insight into absolute truths about the nature of the universe but as humans, we have live in a physical world and social construction.

Support Group

Communal Stewardship of Resources

We believe

Credit Assessment


Since 2000, we have contributed to the development of children in the greater San Francisco area through our wide range of programs. Our Fundraising Opportunities is centered on instilling strong values into our youth and provides a space for them to expand their mind while meeting new and interesting individuals.

Image by Joel Mott

Rituals of Connection and Metabolism

We view rituals as living metaphors, physical enactments of our deepest beliefs that help make our values real and somatically embodied. They can support our growth, offer opportunities for healing and create spaces where we can metabolize the toxins that we encounter in our daily lives.

Image by frank mckenna