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Support this collective who are working to build a 21st century Underground Railroad from the exploitative world we currently live in - into one in which everyone can get their needs met with dignity

End-of-Year Resourcing Campaign

The WildSeed Society invites you to enter into a cycle of mutual care with us.

To support you in your path towards collective liberation, we offer online courses:

These are designed to help you get free of internalized oppression and live from a place of shared humanity and liberating possibilities.

You taking the online courses helps WildSeed practice economic solidarity and be more financially sustainable. All proceeds go into the collective pot from which the WildSeed team does income-sharing.

So we can have the financial security necessary to live deeply from our life purpose and offer our unique gifts to our community - without fear of not paying our bills.

Your support ensures we can continue to experiment with what does it actually take to get free on a small scale.

So we can share these learnings and help you begin to experiment with what it takes too.

If you're ready to get started with a course, click on the button below. If not, please continue reading to learn more!

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The World Is Burning.
How Do We Take Care of Each Other?
What Better Worlds Can We Build?


These are the fundamental questions at the heart of WildSeed Society. 

We recognize that there is a tremendous opportunity with the fact that the world as we know it is burning down. 

As terrible as the burning is, we acknowledge that the growing number of global crisis we face are due to the current exploitative system we live in.

So we can't go back to "normal" because "normal" has been killing us and the planet.

Instead, in the ashes of the old world, we want to build a new society where we all get to belong and where all life is sacred.

That's why we, at WildSeed, are done with trying to just survive and make it in the system.

A system designed to extract our labor and destroy our spirit. All while brainwashing us into believing that it was done for our own good.

Inspired by the vision of futurist Octavia Butler of gifted misfits finding community together before transforming the world, at WildSeed, we are:

  • Dreaming of a future we wish to leave behind for our descendants - so they can face the global crisis with more wisdom, skills, and tools than we were given

  • Building a series of refugees from the exploitative world - where we can live into a diverse set of better possibilities today

  • Remembering what it means to be a free human being - and grieving and healing from the ways we were separated from our bodies, our communities, and Nature

How We Are Experimenting
Our Way Forward 

The WildSeed Society seeks to address the three crises in that stem from the contradiction identified by James and Grace Lee Boggs between the U.S.'s material overdevelopment and its social, cultural, and spiritual underdevelopment.

We are facing a:

  1. Spiritual Crisis of Belonging - where our social and political spaces are made to pacify and exploit us. We are denied mutual recognition and so fear of the other and denial becomes the norm.  

  2. Social Crisis of Unacknowledged History - where we lack the cultural practices to acknowledge our history as an empire with all the oppressive effects. We fail to see how the legacies of slavery and genocide are at the heart of our current problems.

  3. Economic Crisis of Social Reproduction - where we work too hard to buy things that make others rich while we struggle to pay the bills. We are left too tired and exhausted to take care of our bodies, homes, families, communities, and land.

We believe that these crises can only be solved from the bottom up through a program of:

  1. Spiritual Liberation - where we recognize that to be human is to be sacred and not separate from each other or the universe.

  2. Social Transformation - where we create a way of life based in a shared conception of the beloved community and are in right relationship with ourselves and the land.

  3. Economic Revolution - where we have a common stewardship of community resources through democratic means where people control their own labor.

We seeks to experiment and prototype our way into a new way of life - and over generations, into a new society.

While we believe that mass collective action is the only force capable of addressing the crisis we face, we also know that we will need to fail many times on the small scale before we are ready to innovate en masse.

We are committed to experimenting with ways of exiting capitalist relationships and domination logic - and moving towards spiritual communion, communal resourcing, and collective liberation.

We want to share our lessons with our movement partners and those interested and yearning to live in a fundamentally different - and more human - way.

How We Practice Economic Solidarity and Income-Sharing

The WildSeed Society is stewarded by a collective of Black, East Asian, Desi and Latinx movement veterans, spiritual teachers, and organizational development nerds.

Our Black comrades were all leaders in local chapters of the Black Lives Matter Movement and brought their deep reflection of how we needed to go beyond protest and build alternative ways of caring and resource each other to the forefront of our work. You can read more about the bios of our team here.

Through our years in the movement, we have learned foundations and donors don't understand movement work well enough to fund it effectively even in those rare moments that the overwhelming white philanthropy community moves through its fear of founding movements led by directly affected people.

Even when movement organizations are funded, turning liberation into a job has its own host of problems. Most notably careerism where individual and organizational advancement becomes the center of the work - instead of liberation

So, we decided to create an anti-capitalist commons to resource our work.

Each WildSeed member agrees to share income from consulting, facilitations, training and other income as well as donations through resourcing campaigns like this one.

Then we come together to have honest conversations about the financial resources we need to pursue our life's purpose in the collective.

This isn't fee-for-service or wage labor, and we don't pay people more or less based on their "job." 

In this way, we abolish the patriarchal labor regime that separates our time into work, leisure and care. Under patriarchy, leisure is only available to men who have women, femme, children, and colonized people to do their care work for them.

For us, this means that we resource people to live - instead of compensating them for their work.

This frees people up to do the work that needs doing as it arises - instead of trying to fit being a parent, friend, or taking care of ourselves into our packed work schedule.

Because we are all people of color who are rooted in communities facing the impacts of patriarchy and settler-colonialism on a daily basis, we spend the energy and resources we have abolishing and replacing the systems that undermine our actual communities.

This means we aren't pulled to focus on actions that are fundable or fit whatever ideas our donors have of what movement work should look like. 

This also means that our strategies are emergent and rooted in the intersection of community need, our actual human capacity, our principles and what makes our spirit sing.

If that sounds like something you want in your life, please continue reading to learn how you can help this work continue!

How You Can Help Resource This Work


To resource this work, we both receive donations and offer online courses as part of our Spiritual Liberation work.

All proceeds go toward the communal pot reserved for income sharing amongst the WildSeed team.

Please check out the offerings below and begin learning a radically different - and more human - way of being in the world.

For BIPOC who want to heal from internalized oppression & cultivate a caring community around them - for these burning times

For white allies who want to do the inner work necessary for them to co-create with others - from a consensual and humanizing place

For people who want to support this work on a monthly or one-time basis and aren't currently in a place to take a course

All courses are offered on a radical sliding scale. 
So no one will be turned away for lack of funds!


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