Liberation Logic

Our Guiding Star

The WildSeed Society is based around the principles of Liberation Logic. It is about being together through INTERDEPENDENCE, creating change through TRANSFORMATION and understanding the world through INSIGHT. ​

Liberation Logic is a framework compiled by Aaron Goggans that is deeply influenced by the Workshops of the same name he co-facilitated with Rebecca Mintz. The framework provides the shared values that WildSeed is based off of. ​

We seek to create an ecology of people, communities and projects that serves as a launching pad for sustained transformative activity aligned with the framework. We support autonomous projects while seeding new spaces for us to wield collective power. We support people developing skills of following their heart-wisdom in daily life as well and the deep political education to be head-smart about getting free. We seek to provide spaces for people to evolve spiritually so that they are better able to support the revolutions that our times call for.  ​

Liberation Logic is not dogmatic. It is not a list of things you must believe to build with us. Rather its a way of harmonize around the overlaps in our purpose. A way of walking together that allows us to co-create compatible worlds. 

Why do we need Liberation Logic?

Understanding A World Run By Domination

Domination logic is a worldview in which we believe that the best way to meet our needs is by using force [physical, emotional, economic etc] to control outcomes.

Domination logic is an ego-driven logic that organizes our lives on both a large and small scale. It determines how countries interact, how parents interact with their kids, and how we relate to our own bodies. 

Systems like White Supremacy, Patriarchy, and Capitalism are how groups of people use domination logic on a social level. They are ways in which the tools of domination are deployed for and against specific groups.


How does Domination Logic show up?


Denying Reality and Impact: Telling ourselves and others that what we are experiencing isn't really happening, or isn't really a big deal

We see this in everything from Holocaust Denial, victim- blaming survivors of sexual violence, and our habit of telling children that they don't know their own emotions.

Denying Worth or Complexity: Saying that people are monsters or inherently bad. Pretending people are perfect or beyond scrutiny. Usually involves denying people the capacity for growth, change, learning, or complexity.

We turn our opponents into monsters and our heroes into saints. In doing so, we limit our ability to grow, change, and experience complex emotions. We get limited to feeling what a monster or hero is supposed to feel.

Seeking the Illusion of Control: Trying to use force to coerce actions, or limit outcomes and options.

We police ourselves and each other, hoping to be rich enough, pretty enough, thin enough, or white enough to receive social sanction. We create rules to punish potential deviants instead or supporting people to thrive together.

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