Caring Circle 


A biweekly online space for BIPOC wanting to practice caring for themselves and each other - during this time of burning and possibilities

WHO: For Black, Indigenous, and/or People of Color (BIPOC) who want this time of global burning to bring in a new world free of systemic oppression

And for Collective Care Pod course members.

WHEN: This space is currently not being offered while Sandra is on Spiritual Sabbatical and restructuring their work for 2023.

WHERE: Zoom (Link will be shared in your confirmation email)

COST: Free to join. Suggested donations on a sliding scale of $5-$25 can be made here.


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Grounded and Together
We Rise

The last couple of years have driven home the reality that we are not safe in our own country, especially as BIPOC.

In the face of the pandemic and climate change, the US government has shown how little they're willing and able to do to keep us from safe from violence and take care of us in times of great crisis.

In reality, it was never designed to do that actually - beginning with its founding in colonization, slavery, white supremacy, patriarchy, and exploitative capitalism.

But many of us had hoped that it was getting better.

And now, whether we want to or not, we are being forced to face the pervasive reality of state violence - and how exploitable and disposable we are to those running this country in the name of profit maximization.

Many of us are turning toward that violent reality and letting its existence sink into deeper and deeper levels in our bodies.

This is necessary for us to acknowledge reality and start taking action grounded in what is actually happening - and not in what we would like to be happening.

But turning toward this reality can be so overwhelming, painful, and scary for many of us.

That's understandable - it's an overwhelming, painful, and scary reality we are living in.

So it makes sense if some of us are getting charged up and flailing into action or becoming too confused and exhausted to take action.

But those aren't our only options.

We can also turn toward this violent reality from a sense of groundedness and togetherness.

From there, many possibilities arise - and we have a chance to create a truly different reality for our future.

A more liberating, compassionate, and just future - where human beings and nature are valued over capital and profit maximization. 

That's why I wanted to create this gathering for BIPOC.  

In this 2-hour Zoom video call, we will:

  • Get grounded and into our bodies
  • Notice what needs tending in your body and spirit
  • Speak from the heart about what's real for you
  • Be witnessed with deep presence and care
  • Feel a sense of gentle togetherness and not being alone

In the last 30 minutes, there will also be an optional Q&A session with Sandra for those taking the Collective Care Pod Course.

If we can tend to ourselves and each other, then we can get grounded and come together.

So we can use these times to burn down our chains - and not our spirit.


We are the ones who can protect each other.

We are the ones who can care for each other.

We are the ones who can stand united together. 

If we show up for ourselves and each other.

So let's do this - together.

I hope to see you there.

With love and in solidarity, 

Sandra Kim


Meet the Facilitator

Sandra Kim is the Spirit Weaver at the WildSeed Society, which seeks to create portals to a future where we are already free to help guide us out of exploitation and domination-based systems and towards a more liberating ecology where our needs at met with dignity and where we all get to belong. She helps people learn how to take refuge in themselves, each other, the land, and the cosmos. So they can turn towards the frightening realities we live in while also not losing connection to the joyous realities we also live in.

Sandra identifies as a lay monastic and mystic for the (r)evolution, practicing her own embodied synthesis of Zen Buddhism in the Plum Village tradition, animism, I-Ching, and energy work. She is also the Founder of Everyday Feminism and Re-Becoming Human, and creator and facilitator for different online anti-oppression spaces offering spiritual and emotional support.


Caring Circle