rest + play retreats


The liberated world we seek cannot be ushered in by exhausted folks. 

So let us love up on your movement organization during a 5-day retreat where
we invite you to rest and play with us in beautiful nature.


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Our Invitation To You

At the WildSeed Society, we see the world, as we know it, burning down. 

But we do not believe that we need to save a system that has never served us. Nor do we need to merely survive its collapse.

Rather we are choosing to retreat together - to pull back, build refuges for each other to regroup -  in ways that nurture collective thriving and collective liberation. 

In other words, we're engaging in a Liberating Retreat.

That's why we're inviting you to join us in this refuge - our Rest + Play Retreats.

Where  you can slow down and be held by the land and in loving community. 

Because you deserve it. 

This Rest + Play Retreat is for you if you:

  • Have been running on fumes as you extend your gifts to community - and realize that continuing in this way isn’t sustainable
  • Feel drained at the idea of figuring out how do more self-care - and want to just be held and guided into doing it
  • Are hesitant to slow down - but are also tired from trying to do all the things
  • Are afraid of what might happen if you stopped to take care of yourself first - but can also see how being exhausted means you're not showing up as your best self 
  • Need to hear, “We don't want you to sacrifice yourself anymore.”

This is the liminal place in between the oppressive society we currently live in and the liberating future we feel emerging - and need to be possible for us.

These Rest + Play Retreats are designed to help you move into that liberating future - where you're affirmed in your right:

  • To exist as you are - in all your complexity and uniqueness
  • To be loved and cared for - without having to earn it
  • To honor your needs and feelings - because they're valid
  • To experience Joy + Pleasure - because it feels good

Because you need and deserve to take care of yourself - as a human being and it’s in service of our collective liberation.

At our Rest + Play Retreats, you'll:

  • Understand how rest and play are necessary parts of our justice, healing, and liberation work
  • Be invited and guided in different restorative activities so you don't have to work to figure out how to relax
  • Reconnect with what becomes possible for you and your community when you center your own well-being
  • Be supported in choosing (or not) activities that nourish your body, heart, and spirit

Even though it'll just be for several days, we believe it can be enough to help you bring some of that magic back into your everyday life, especially with our continued support.

So we invite you to just show up and listen for what your body wants to do, including nothing at all.

All in the beauty and majesty of nature.

Come and let us love up on you. 

Where you can just be.

Remember - your existence is enough. 

Retreat Details


WHAT: A 5-day retreat where you'll be invited to join in a series of guided activities to cultivate deeper rest and play - all designed to help you reconnect with yourself, your people, and the land.

WHO: This is for movement groups and organizations who want to feel more held, restored, and recharged - in life and in support of their justice, healing, and/or liberation work.

WHEN: We will work with you to schedule a time that your group will set aside for this retreat.

WHERE: We will work with you to find a location that is appropriate for your group. 

INCLUDES: All meals, collective napping, singing, dancing, games, walks in nature, guided meditations, energy practices, pampering, yoga, lounging, etc. 

Your Lead Joy Facilitators

Erika Totten - Light Guardian

Erika creates and facilitates transformative healing spaces for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color of all identities to process racial stress and trauma, and to experience embodied liberation & collective joy, in the midst of dismantling systems of oppression. She's committed to the movement for Black liberation and the evolution of our collective consciousness. Erika's the founder and director of Unchained Visioning, a core member of Harriet's Apothecary Healer's Collective, and co-creator of Black Lives Matter: DC.

Sandra Kim - Spirit Weaver

Sandra helps people learn how to take refuge in themselves, each other, and in nature - to transform these times of burning into times of possibilities. She's a movement chaplain and identifies as a mystic for the (r)evolution. Her work comes out of her spirituality, grounded in Zen Buddhism in the Plum Village tradition, animism, I-Ching study, and energy work. She's the Founder of Everyday Feminism and Re-Becoming Human, and facilitator for online anti-oppression spaces and courses offering spiritual guidance and emotional support.

Interested In Making This Possible for Your Group?

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