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Join The Mycelium of The WildSeed Society!

Mycelium: part of the root system of mushrooms and other fungi that help them break down nutrients and take them where they need to go. Mycelium often communicate across different plants and play a crucial role in resourcing ecologies.

The WildSeed Society is seeking to build a community that exists as both a refuge for fugitives from all these concurrent crises and as a platform for the kind of campaigns and movements that can build a new world in the shell of this dying one. Already, we have been collecting projects and organizations that are doing the dual work of healing what needs to be healed and burning what no longer serves us.

We are now exploring building a team of co-creative builders and administrative magicians to support these projects and the larger community. This team will help move the resources (time, energy, skill and money) that WildSeed collects to where they need to be to support the growth of autonomous projects and the WildSeed Community as a whole. This team will also be the organizational mycelium that maintains the forward momentum of the projects we are working on. They will be the pragmatic administrative staff with the passion to see each project to completion.

Are you interested in joining a team like this? We would love to hear from you if you would like to learn how to do any or all of the following: develop and release a podcast, basic website editing, event planning, accounting, scheduling and calendar management, task management, communications support, navigating different technical platforms for email, organization, etc.

We are seeking people whose calling or passion in this moment is making revolutionary visions of a more liberated world concrete and accessible to our people. We are seeking people who are tired of struggling in the capitalist economy and excited to explore a sacred economy enough to put in some time, energy and brilliance into making it come alive.

Please note: We are not hiring in the traditional sense, but rather exploring if, within our communities, there may be individuals who are intrinsically interested in learning some of the above skills and feel in alignment with the work that WildSeed is doing. We believe in abundance and mutual aid thus we are excited to share what resources we do collect but we don’t have staff or a concrete budget at this time.

We are looking for people who:

  • Are Black, Indigenous, and/or People of Color

  • Understand the connections between social and spiritual liberation and have spiritual practices which ground them and guide them.

  • Are able to be flexible in collaboration but also hold healthy boundaries and are able to communicate them clearly

  • Are comfortable with principled, open hearted struggle. Able to engage in conversations about the values and theories that underlie our work from a place of love and rigour.

  • Are excited to work collaboratively with people across racial, gender, sexual orientation, ability, and class differences in ways that leverage those differences as seeds for growth and transformation

  • Are capable of both taking direction and working independently

  • Open to moving from capitalist fee for service structure towards a reparative gift economy and the breaking down of barriers between life and work on anti-capitalist terms.

  • Who understands the inherent power of administrative work, and sees the facilitation of ease of operation as aligned with their personal purpose. Who has some familiarity with administrative tasks and platforms, and would enjoy learning more about these elements.

  • Who sees the value in doing the work that allows the WildSeed ecosystem to grow and run smoothly by scheduling meetings, sending out reminders, taking notes and archiving information and feels aligned with that type of work in regards to their purpose and passion.

If this sounds like you and you feel passionate about an open-hearted group of individuals transforming and seeding a new world then please fill out this form! We would love to connect with you and discover how we may be able to mutually support each other.

Please fill out the form below if you are interested in joining our team!

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