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“How to Make Friends When You’re Broke” Chany and Reece will talk about the unique role neurodivergence plays in the way we relate, organize ourselves and care for each other.

WHO: This online event is for people who want to hear about Wildseed’s relational beginnings, how we’ve uniquely addressed the crisis of belonging even during financial crises. 

WHAT: Chany and Reece wouldn’t have known each other without Aaron or Wildseed Society.  And that would be a shame because they enjoy their relationship. Chany and Reece will talk about how the unexpected origins of their and how–after putting in some work–their neurodivergence  made their relationship stronger.  We will cover what has worked well and how we address the fact that we each need different things to be successful that haven’t always been programmatic. 

WHY: . As we move further into an unresolved mass disabling event with no clear measure of support from our governments, organizations are struggling to manage under the weight of managing a new ‘normal’ where functioning can be difficult. Breakdowns aren’t just organizational, political, material… they have also been personal.  We’ve developed ways to address this and, as our commitment deepened, have made friends with people we otherwise wouldn’t.  Addressing this crisis of belonging won’t just be about systems but about how we reconnect after being forced apart due to challenging times. The way that Chany and Reece work together now demonstrates a commitment to confronting both external forces that have changed us as well as the deep parts of who we are that sometimes bump up against connection.