About Us

The WildSeed Society is a movement of science fiction characters who we read about and needed to be real. It is a manifestation of the world we knew was possible because we knew this world would never be enough. It existed in the collective imagination of people who knew they were not fully free long before Octavia Butler wrote her brilliant and life changing novel about a small group of weirdly gifted individuals whose descendants would build a powerful interconnected network.

The WildSeed Society is a church in the wild. A space in the backwoods where enslaved peoples could practice their spirituality on their own terms. A land of grief and praise where we can practice being who we truly are. An iterative, stateless nation where the oppressed, the colonized, and the marginal find refuge for themselves by offering it to others. A space where the broken are not broken. Where the captive are not captive. Where oppression holds no power. 

It exists whenever and wherever people who believe in it come together to manifest it. It is made real through shared rituals and relationships that its residents enact when they get together to manifest it. It is sustained through several core enactments or gatherings, each of which serve as a portal to the Church in the Wild. These gatherings invite residents of the society to co-create a container in which they can shift themselves and their movements to be aligned with their highest visions for what is possible. These rituals and practices invite residents to decolonize themselves by enacting different relationships with their bodies, ideas, and feelings, with each other, with resources, with group decision making, with strategy, with theory and, perhaps most importantly, with the land.

The WildSeed Society invites us to see differently by being together differently; to practice building the social, economic, political and spiritual conditions from which our Liberation could actually arise.  Its iterative nature also means that we are bringing the future we want into the present. We don’t have to wait for Liberation. Glimpses of it are created every time we come together to enact rituals of Liberation communally. Thus the revolution transforms from a struggle to bring about, and win, a final confrontation with Empire to a praxis of learning to support the iterations of our dream society longer and for more people.


Autonomous Projects

Our Autonomous Projects are the heart of the WildSeed Society. They are groups aligned with Liberation Logic who are doing the daily work of transforming society and subverting the world order.

 They are projects that are invited to be part of WildSeed by the Dream Gardeners.

They are supported with resources, networking, administrative support and visioning.

They implement their own visions on their own terms.

A night of independence protests in Barc
Image by Hannah Vu
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Justice Before Peace

Building BIPOC-led Working Class Anti-War Movement

Building The Beloved Sangha

Collecting Rituals For Metabolizing The Toxins of Empire


We Keep Us Safe

#KeepDC4Me is a dedicated to finding non-police solutions to intra-community violence and police brutality in SE DC.


Our Practice

The WildSeed Society defies any easy description. It is first and foremost a spiritual community. We come together for shared ritual, growth, and fellowship. Yet it is a spiritual community that is based in a belief that spiritual and social liberation are different sides of the same coin. We believe we are spiritual beings having a human experience. As spiritual beings we are fundamentally one; individualizations of the universal spirit called many names, yet our society trains us to think of ourselves as separate from each other and from the very earth that nourishes us. As human beings we are all tied together in countless webs of interrelations yet histories of colonization, genocide, slavery and exploitation complicate our ability to live into our shared belonging. 

We believe that these social systems that situate us in exploitative and extractive relationships with the earth, our bodies, and each other hamper our spiritual development. Our spiritual underdevelopment in turn leads us to double down on these parasitic social systems until we forget that we are all spiritual beings who are inherently worthy of love, belonging, and the resources necessary to get our needs met with dignity. We believe that neither spiritual enlightenment nor political liberation are possible separately. We must abolish the systems that no longer serve us while building communities that truly hold all of us; spiritual and human, brilliant and broken, and in all the beautiful iterations that humans come in.

Thus we seek to bring together people who recognize that the world that is currently dying is one that needs to die. In its place we will build a world capable of holding multiple worlds, which is to say, a world where multiple visions of liberations coexist and mutually support each other. We come together to find refuge by offering it to each other. In that refuge of human fellowship we hope to support each other in exiting the soul sucking hamster wheel of racialized capitalism through mutual aid and developing an ecology of purpose driven community work. At the same time we hope to pool our resources to support autonomous projects that can transform the wider world around us.



Who We Are


April Goggans

The Avenger

April Goggans is an organizer, disrupter, abolitionist, single mother of one of the dopest daughter’s ever, originally from Colorado Springs, Colorado she is now a proud Southeast DC resident of about 14 years. Ms. Goggans became a Core Organizer with Black Lives Matter DC in September of 2015. Her organizing work focuses on community power building, affordable housing and tenants rights, labor, large scale direct action organizing, intra-community violence, policing, police brutality, state surveillance, and the criminalization of dissent.

 She recently launched #KeepDC4Me  an organization committed to finding non-police solutions to intra-community violence and ending police brutality, terror and murder through principled action, community defense, mutual aid, and building alternatives. April has been organizing for more than 25 years and more than half of those years have been in southeast Washington, DC.

April is currently President of Chapter 250 (Administration for Children and Families Headquarters) of the National Treasury Employees Union (NTEU). Her chapter represents about 400 Bargaining Unit Employees. Additionally, April has a deep commitment to building international worker solidarity and has been selected to travel as part of labor delegations all over the world including South Korea, France, and Hong Kong. 


Reece Chenault

Ferryman to the Future

Reece has put in his dues as visible leader, first a union organizer and then as the executive director of US Labor Against the War and now mostly works behind the scenes. Part ferryman getting people where they need to be and part Griot sharing the wisdom that arises from what we do when we arrive, Reece plays an invaluable support role to many movement spaces. Recently Reece has been working with Justice Before Peace to build a BI-POC led working class anti-imperalist movement grounded in ritual.


Erika Totten

Light Guardian

Erika Totten is a dynamic facilitator, pleasure activist, healer, spiritual life coach, and community builder from Washington, D.C. committed to the movement for Black liberation and the evolution of our collective consciousness. She is the founder and director of Unchained Visioning, a core member of Harriet's Apothecary Healer's Collective, and co-creator of Black Lives Matter: DC where she focuses on centering healing and visioning within activism.

From South Africa to Charlottesville, Erika creates and facilitates transformative healing spaces for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color of all identities to process racial stress and trauma, and to experience embodied liberation & collective Joy, in the midst of dismantling systems of oppression.

She is also a devoted wife and mother of two who organizes to build chosen families of health, restoration and radical love.


Aaron Goggans

Dream Gardener

Aaron Goggans is a writer, facilitator, organizer and architect of the future. Aaron builds movement infrastructure before people know they need it and helps them achieve things even he never imagined were possible. He is a co-creator of BLM DC and a handful of other projects that have made liberatory marks on the world. He is currently the co-chair of the Fellowship of Reconciliation. 


Sandra Kim

Spirit Weaver

Sandra Kim is the Founder and Training Director of Re-Becoming Human and Founder and President of Everyday Feminism. Sandra is dedicated to living into spiritual and social liberation in each and every moment and nurturing loving communities that support these intentions. She shares key lessons from her own ongoing healing journey between internalized oppression and spiritual wholeness - as a person with multiple marginalized and privileged identities, as an organizational leader, and messy human being.


Sheena Wadhawan

Warrior of Light

Sheena Wadhawan is a consultant and coach supporting organizations and people to live their anti-oppression values.  Sheena came to this work after over a decade as a social justice attorney in movements for economic justice, housing, civil rights, and immigrants’ rights.   Sheena is a multi-lingual immigrant, woman of color, and survivor with lived experience of oppression.  Sheena values compassion, transparency, and joy.  Sheena recently discovered a beautiful outlet for her righteous rage in martial arts training, through which she connects with her Sikh ancestral lineage of joyful warriors.


Chany Singh

Back-House Magic

Chany Singh is a virtual assistant dedicated to supporting impactful initiatives seeking to make our society a more liveable, accessible, and joyful place to live. Chany has been working as a virtual assistance and structural co-creator for the last five years and in her free time spends her time learning as much as she can. She sees herself as a perpetual student and feels deeply called to continue opening her eyes to the social issues surrounding us so that she can show up more powerfully in service.


Ravi Mishra

Mindful Media Marvel

Born in India, Ravi is a technologist, poet, activist, and entrepreneur living (and raised) in the Ohlone Territory aka the San Francisco Bay Area. He's the Founder of the Awaken Meditation App (now a podcast) and the daily social text message service KindredText and generally working at the intersection of spirituality, social justice, and technology. When not being self-referential in a bio, you can find him practicing meditation, running or biking around SF, or pursuing one of too many hobbies (current favorite: learning how to spin fire poi). He's been practicing in the Zen tradition for a decade and is a training student in the Mountains and Rivers Order Zen lineage.